Bring your story to life with Animation.

Frankie Films is a leading Adelaide animation company. From motion graphics to full 3D, Frankie Films has the expertise to brining your animation idea to life.

Make your video personal and relatable. There are many different styles to choose from within character animation. Cartoon, comic, animals, monsters, anything you can think of!

Animated text is a fun, simple and quick way to get a message across. Complete sentences can be built, with certain words or phrases emphasised to leave your message clear in the viewers mind.

3D animation allows for the creation of highly realistic and visually stunning imagery that can be used in a variety of industries, from entertainment to advertising and education. It also offers greater flexibility and control over the creative process, allowing for more efficient production and easier modification of the final video product.

Combine live action video with animated text, transitions, icons or other visual elements. These can be overlayed, intercut or even 3D tracked into the scene to make it look like it was really there!

Latest Animation Work

The animation concept phase is a crucial step in the animation video production process. It begins with brainstorming and ideation to develop the creative vision and overall direction of the animation. The concept is then translated into storyboards, character designs, and visual references, providing a blueprint for the subsequent stages of animation production.
The animation phase is where the concept comes to life through the creation of animated sequences. Frankie Film's inhouse team of animators meticulously bring characters, objects, and environments to motion using various techniques, such as 2D hand-drawn or 3D computer-generated animation. The process involves keyframing, timing, and refining movements to deliver a visually captivating and cohesive animated experience.
The animation delivery phase is the final stage of animation production. It involves compiling and rendering the animated sequences into a finalised format. Quality checks are performed, audio elements are synchronised, and any necessary adjustments are made before delivering the completed animation to you, ready for distribution and enjoyment.
  • Frankie provided a fantastic service - would highly recommend!
    Chris Topher
  • The team’s professionalism and promptness was evident from the beginning. They communicated clearly, met every deadline, and went above and beyond to ensure our events were successes. Would highly recommend working with them!
    Maddy Healey, Ehrenberg Bass
  • It was an absolute pleasure to work with Frankie Films. Great communication, creativity, and a fabulous end result on a tight timeline. Highly recommend the Frankie team!
    Jane Cocks
  • Benno and the Frankie Films team were wonderful to work with. They showed great care and consideration for Mind clients and staff while working on a project in South Australia. They completely nailed the brief and we are delighted with what they have produced.
    Mind Australia Limited
  • The team produced a fantastic series of videos for our Kids and Youth Program and were an absolute pleasure to work with. Highly recommend.
    Kidney Health Australia
  • Great to work with, understood the brief well and deliver high-quality content with a very fast turnaround. Would definitely recommend and partner with Frankie Films again in future!
    Emma Shipley
  • Great people & business to work with and highly recommended. The work they did for us was very professional and has helped grow our business profile.
    Joshua Rasheed
  • Excellent team and service. Made business very easy and the results were very good indeed!
    Braden Goddin