Adelaide Live Streaming

Frankie Films is a leading provider of Adelaide live streaming services.

We specialise in high quality live video production/ for events, product announcements, conferences, presentations and everything in between.

Our commitment to live production has given us a reputation as one of the top live streaming companies in South Australia.

Additionally, a combination of skills, knowledge and cutting-edge technology give us the ability to tailor to the needs of a wide range of clients, subsequently making Frankie Films the ideal choice for anyone looking to make their next live stream a success!

Using video switching, we’re able to transition between any one of our cameras or any video content being played at an event. We can even bring in remote video from another location, or from an online source like ZoomSkype or Microsoft Teams to be shown on the stream, as well as in-person.

Combine multiple video sources on the screen at the same time, or show your presentations fullscreen with a small portion for the live video, and we can switch between them depending on the content to help bring your livestream video to life.

One of the best ways to add value to your livestream is to use graphics, animated titles or premade video throughout. Additionally, we specialise in making standalone motion graphics and animated video, so with everything in house, talk to us about what you would like and we can get to work before the event, and have the premade elements ready to go!

Make your livestream ticketed and sell tickets to watch your event and generate income via traditional payment platforms like PayPal or Stripe. Name your price to start selling without any additional fees (outside of the payment platform).

Each viewer can receive a unique password to gain access to the livestream with our automated sales platform.

We combine multiple sources of internet for redundancy or increased speed, so your stream never goes down. Where no connection is available, we provide our own 4G hotspot so we can stream from anywhere using the Telstra 4G network.

Get a clean audio track for the viewers online direct from an event microphone, or we can set up our own microphones and mix our audio live to get the levels perfect with our video production workflows.

Sound quality is extremely important and often overlooked in the industry. Particularly with live events, if the sound quality is neglected, the viewer experience suffers more so than if they have a drop in video quality. We always aim to optimise it just as well as our video.

With single or multi-camera setups, we record every isolated video source including the stream itself in optimal quality so it can be delivered after the event as a polished video.

All the isolated sources are also available to us later in post-production to make adjustments. Any presentation media can also recorded as an individual source, so even after the event, nothing is lost and anything is possible.

Adelaide Live Streaming Solution

Latest in Technology

Frankie Films integrates the latest in live streaming technology to guarantee a high end experience. We're always looking for ways to push the quality further, whether it be through camera equipment or software to expand our capabilities.

Multiple Platforms

YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, or even if you wanted to embed the stream to your own website, Frankie Films offers support for a range of online platforms. We can also offer advice to help you find your audience, or to simply find the best platform for your needs.

Multi Camera

Frankie Films can utilise multiple cameras for every live stream, allowing us to capture everything you need. PTZ cameras allow us to position a camera angle in a hard to reach place and remotely control the focus, zoom as well as where it's pointing. We can also be setup in multiple locations at once, combining all locations to a central video for your audience.

Go Live From Anywhere*

By using the Telstra 4G mobile network, the Frankie Films team can live stream from anywhere in Australia that has mobile data.

* Mobile reception is required.

Private Events

Your live stream doesn't have to be public, Frankie Films can help you create a private stream just for your audience. Use a mailout system to send out unique passwords to registered users, or even sell tickets to a one-time-only event, bringing the commodity of live events to the convenience of the internet!


Every live stream is recorded in 4K resolution. Allowing you to edit and release it as a polished video.

Event Details
Go Live!
Event Details
The event detail phase is the first part in organising the live stream. Early details such as live streaming location, video hosting platform and dates are all discussed in this phase. Every live stream is unique and this phase guarantees a smooth and efficient preparation phase.
The live stream preparation phase is a crucial step in organising a successful live streaming event. It involves finalising the logistical aspects such as venue selection, technical setup, and equipment requirements. Detailed planning of the event flow, including the schedule, segment breakdown, and any interactive elements, is determined to ensure a seamless and engaging live stream experience for the audience.
Go Live
The live stream streaming detail phase focuses on the technical aspects of the live stream production. It involves setting up the necessary streaming equipment, configuring encoding settings, and establishing a stable internet connection. Audio and video quality checks are conducted, and the streaming platform is prepared to ensure smooth transmission of the live content to the intended audience, allowing for an immersive and uninterrupted viewing experience.
  • The team’s professionalism and promptness was evident from the beginning. They communicated clearly, met every deadline, and went above and beyond to ensure our events were successes. Would highly recommend working with them!
    Maddy Healey, Ehrenberg Bass
  • We recently used Frankie Films to coordinate a dual site launch live streamed between Sydney and Adelaide to multiple audiences... The end product onsite and video provided of the event was spot on.
    Stephen Cornish
  • Great to work with, understood the brief well and deliver high-quality content with a very fast turnaround. Would definitely recommend and partner with Frankie Films again in future!
    Emma Shipley
  • The team produced a fantastic series of videos for our Kids and Youth Program and were an absolute pleasure to work with. Highly recommend.
    Kidney Health Australia
  • It was an absolute pleasure to work with Frankie Films. Great communication, creativity, and a fabulous end result on a tight timeline. Highly recommend the Frankie team!
    Jane Cocks
  • Great people & business to work with and highly recommended. The work they did for us was very professional and has helped grow our business profile.
    Joshua Rasheed
  • Frankie provided a fantastic service - would highly recommend!
    Chris Topher
  • Excellent team and service. Made business very easy and the results were very good indeed!
    Braden Goddin