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    • Make your video personal and relatable. There are many different styles to choose from within character animation. Cartoon, comic, animals, monsters, anything you can think of!


    • Animated text is a fun, simple and quick way to get a message across. Complete sentences can be built, with certain words or phrases emphasized to leave your message clear in the viewers mind.

    Live Action Hybrid

    • Combine live action video with animated text, transitions, icons or other visual elements. These can be overlayed, intercut or even 3D tracked into the scene to make it look like it was really there!



    • Present your product, service or idea in a fun, engaging way. Often accompanied by professional voiceover, but animated text can also be used.

    Hype Reel

    • Excite and engage your audience with any combination of styles, usually typography and provided graphics assets. We'll edit it all together to match an exciting music track.


    • We can create intros, stings, signage and looped animations to give a premium feel to your event.


    Pricing for animation can be highly variable depending on a number of factors, such as:

    • The desired style of animation
    • Length of video
    • Optional voiceover
    • Whether you can provide pre-made graphic elements or live action footage for the video you want to make

    Chat to us about your idea and we can provide a detailed quote.

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